Tiziano Calcari
Contemporary art


Anna Soricaro

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"Tiziano Calcari’s search is intriguing, suggestive and innovative and through his rich painting he focuses on ever-changing realities."

Carlo Franza

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"Tiziano Calcari states his paintings’ case through a dry, coloured, potential grammar dissolved by the same reality which gets represented."

Giovanni Galli

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"Tiziano Calcari has manifested a passion for art and the need to express it since childhood. The meeting with other painters, driven by the same enthusiasm, and their experience greatly supported the definition of his abilities and the refinement of his innate talent."

Marta Mai

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"Tiziano started to paint at a young age, driven by a personal natural impulse that suggests colour and sign to him. This innate talent makes him privileged and as he didn’t follow any regular painting technique courses or an Art School, he can be defined a self-taught artist."

Salvatore Russo

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"Tiziano Calcari’s works are characterised by the great refinement linked to sign, which can explore new universes of meaning and bring them to new light, thus obtaining silent representations which murmur their truths."

Simone Fappani

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"The colour and sign semantics which distinguishes the creative path of Tiziano Calcari is identified by an exquisitely emotional element which strongly enlivens his deeply intimist works."

Stefano Santuari

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"Meeting Tiziano Calcari’s painting reproduces an unusual meeting with the landscape and the human figure which, even if created with ample freedom of interpretation still remains within an image expression consolidated by a definitely figurative experience."

Walter Venanzio

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"Tiziano Calcari is one of the few artists who has felt the need to get out of the box to mould art to his immagination. The figure is voluntarily broken up, stretched-out, deformed and finally integrated in the landscape."

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