Tiziano Calcari
Contemporary art


30 December 2017

Cam 53

That was another one successful year for T.Calcari, who sees his quotations grow up into the “Art Bible” (catalogue of Modern Art 53, tagged Mondadori), the most important catalogue in where to research value of Italian contemporary art. Calcari, has his own page in CMA 53, near other great Italian artists like Alfonso Borghi, Marcello Pietrantoni, Sergio Scatizzi, Mauro Capitani or Giuseppe Menozzi. Tiziano’s artworks value has increased for eight years, it was an important goal mostly for those collectors who want to invest in contemporary art. Thank to many institutional and solo exhibitions, thank to rising number of editorial  publications and the always growing bibliography, T.Calcari becomes every year more the synonym of high artistic Italian quality. To continue the positive trend in 2018, among the dozens of international projects, two of them stand up, two main steps for each artist:

On 11th of march the vernissage of an anthological exhibition “Opera Omnia” into the city Museum of Chiari, which will host 150 works of the Italian master, which will show the first 30 years of T.Calcari painting, the Exhibition will be developed in 12 rooms where will be proposed all Tiziano’s artistic research.

In October the artist monograph will be, curated by Andrea Barretta, gallerist in a/b arte, writer and critical commentator of the CMA scientific committee.

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