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Tiziano Calcari was born in Brescia on 29th September 1969. He spent his childhood in Irma, a quite little village inhabited by 150 people in Val Trompia, which simple life gave him the sensitivity and dream he expresses in his works today.


Since he was a child he showed a serious inclination and passion for drawing and figurative arts which he smouldered beneath the ashes, as he did not have the possibility to nurture his considerable talent.
At 20 years old he met the painter and friend Gil Alegre from whom he learned the water-colour and oil-painting techniques. This meeting allowed Tiziano Calcari to enter the art world. His artistic education has been strengthened and consolidated by attending the studios of various painters from Brescia and by taking inspiration from the great masters.
In 1990 he was introduced to the public by taking part in collective exhibitions and contests, where he was repeatedly given awards by various juries and received important prizes and recognition by both the public and the critics. In his first figurative works he created landscapes in which every poetical frame turns into a story, as if to stop time.
Calcari is very sensitive and imaginative and he distinguishes himself for the research he started through new figurative forms and for the lyricism of his assumptions.
Regardless of the flattering results he has achieved so far he still has not found his expressive balance and the creative frenzy drives him to continue the experimentation, from still life to naturalistic and informal representations inspired by the great master A. Burri.
In 1995 came the portrait phase in which emerges an exceptionally expressive intensity, more interior than exterior, more spiritual than real. The artist’s heart is prevailing in this phase: the spirit of love lingers up to the point that the portrait loses its characteristics to become a personal, intimate matter. This will be the start of the cycle Sweet Presences.
He continued his research, striving to develop his own style for years until in 2008 he created the series Sweet Presences which made him internationally known, as he took part in important events with Crisolart Galleries in Barcelona, Spain. In 2011 they displayed his works in New York, Beijing and Malaga. In September he was called by Platinum Collection for an exhibition at the Kiron Espace in Paris.
In 2011 the artist was invited by Giulia Sillato, an art historian, to join Metaformismo. In this environment he found the expressive extremes of his painting. In 2012 he exhibited at the Birla Millennium Art Gallery in London and in Champtauroz (Switzerland). In 2013 the modern and contemporary art historian professor Carlo Franza invited Calcari to contribute a considerable number of works to the exhibition “The faces and the beauty” and again in the same year he was nominated to the Premio delle Arti and Premio della Cultura award at the Circolo della Stampa in Milan (25th edition).


In February he joined the event Berlin3 and in November he displayed his paintings at Palazzo della Racchetta in Ferrara.
In 2014 he was contacted to join the project “Rotta a Nordest” by professor Gianmarco Puntelli, art critic and artistic director of the Spoleto International Art Fair which Tiziano Calcari attended with a solo exhibition at Palazzo Laurenti in August.
In the same year he was invited by Catia Monacelli, the director of the Rocca Flea museum centre in Gualdo Tadino, for the solo exhibition “Metamorfosi”.


In 2015 participated at the official event of expo in città in expo Milan 2015 “L’Arte e il Tempo”, an idea of Giulia Sillato, edited by Giulia Sillato and Giammarco Puntelli where took part some of the greatest exponent of Italian contemporary art.

In 2016 the collaboration with Puntelli went on in the project “Labirinto dell’Ipnotista”, in the biennial of contemporary art of Montichiari in which Tiziano made a big personal exhibition collecting a great success. The summer went on in Dongo, in the suggestive “Sala d’Oro” of Palazzo Manzi and in Muggia in the project “Le Età dell’oro, Frammenti di Memorie, Vita, Racconti”.  In the Jubilee of mercy year the Italian artist had the opportunity to expose in the official events of Jubilee: already protagonist at “Jubilee Event Preview” in Palazzo Visconti (The palace of  Manzoni’s Nameless) in Gera d’Adda. In November 2016 Calcari, called by the critic Giammarco Puntelli, took part in “L’eternità nell’Arte”, the official event of the Jubilee. the event was one of a kind; in a location of 30 A.D, a location which had never hosted an exhibition for 2000 years.

2017 Tiziano is the jubilee artist called by dott. Giovanni Cipriani to expose in Palazzo Ferrajoli, one of the most exclusive and prestigious palace in Rome, during two important institutional events: The Inauguration Day of the States (on the 20th of January) and the Treated in Rome (22-25 March). In summer Calcari made two solo Exhibition, the first in Pietrasanta at NAG Gallery and the second one at Palazzo Ducale in Genova. Autumn was featured by the dialog between art and since of “Infinity”, the main event of the year developed in three European locations: Palazzo Ducale in Sabbioneta, la Galleria Pall Mall in London and the Sebastien art in Dubrovnik.

His works can be found at different Italian and foreign collectors all over the word and his quotations, certificated by Scientific committee of Modern Art Catalogue, are constantly increasing.


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